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My Creative Panda was established in 2006.

A dream, which started by accepting small projects, logo designs, website templates, business card designs, flyers, postcards…one thing led to the other, we just realized that we are accepting bigger projects. Our clients were very happy with our service that they would recommend us to their friends. That led us to keep pursuing what we wanted in the first place.

We have the ability to create anything the mind can imagine with this powerful medium and can transform a static, mundane into a rich, engaging multimedia experience. We keep our costs low and our talent high, so you pay for great results. Our talented individuals developing great solutions and helping our clients succeed.

Whether it’s a single brochure, web site, logo design, or a complete marketing campaign, we have the expertise to get the job done on time, within budget and beyond your expectations.

We are in the business of growing our clients businesses. We focus on our client’s overall business and marketing goals with every project, regardless of the size, scope or type of project.

Advice Solutions

We do offer free consultation as well, especially if you are just someone that is just making a name in this big World Web

#1 Goal

To keep our clients happy is our number 1 goal. It is very important that our clients trust us with their project.

Affordable Rates

Great results at affordable rates. We keep our costs low and our talent high, so you pay for great results.

Our Development Process

Requirement Gathering

We engage with clients to understand their goals and gather detailed project requirements. Through research and feasibility studies, we ensure the viability of the project.

Planning and Design

We create a comprehensive project plan, establish timelines, and collaborate with our design team to create wireframes and prototypes. User experience (UX) research helps shape the design, incorporating feedback from clients.


Using the chosen technology stack, we develop the software/application. Our agile approach allows for flexibility and iterative improvements. Regular code reviews and testing ensure high-quality code.

Quality Assurance & Deployment and Launch

We deploy the software/application to the desired platform, configure infrastructure, and perform system integration. Final testing ensures a seamless launch.

Maintenance and Support

We provide ongoing maintenance, regularly updating the software / application to address security and add features. Technical support is available to resolve any issues that arise.

My Creative Panda
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